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About Us

"Where it's always Oktoberfest"

What happens when two former Army Soldiers discover they each love Bavaria?
They open a restaurant together.

Bob Krumm spent six years living in various towns in southern Germany, most of that time, in Bavaria. Brian Kehl deployed there multiple times on temporary duty. Both loved Bavaria, its culture, its food, and especially, its beer. Brian already had opened a smaller German restaurant in Panama City Beach, Florida, however he knew that he wanted to tell the wider story of Bavaria. Bob was thrilled of the idea, and wanted to tell it in his hometown of Nashville.

Together with seven friends who also loved their Bavarian experiences, in 2016 they began building the Bavarian Bierhaus, an authentic Bavarian experience. With over five hundred seats inside, and another 120 in the biergarten outside, the restaurant has the look of a large Munich bierhall.

Beyond the décor, the entertainment, the food, and the beer, what the Bavarian Bierhaus especially wants to replicate is something called Gemütlichkeit. It is that warm inviting feeling Bavarians exude when they make visitors feel welcome and at home. However, while the Bavarian style of Gemütlichkeit is unique within Germany, it is not unique to Bavaria. Nashvillians would recognize it as southern hospitality.

We hope that you also enjoy your trip to Bavaria while you join us for an authentic serving of Gemütlichkeit at the Bavarian Bierhaus.

Hours of Operation


Why Us

Authentic Menu

Popular and unique dishes from the Bavarian reign. There's nothing else like it in Nashville.

Crafted Biers

With 14 taps and army of bottles too, we have a wide selection of brews you won't find anywhere else.

Fun Atmosphere

From the Biergarten to Oktoberfest, we'll have year round entertainment and events, sports, and an all around fun environment.


Located at Opry Mills near the theatre, we are easy to get to and have lots of parking.