In nearly every Bavarian restaurant there is a Stammtisch, a table set aside for the regulars.  There, they gather in the evenings over drinks and a bite to eat.  But mostly they are there for the camaraderie.  They conduct business, play cards, and swap stories

In larger Bierhalls, there is not one Stammtisch, but many.  Clubs and groups have a standing reservation for a specific table the same day every month.  In every Bavarian community where there is a Bierhall, it is the place where clubs large and small come to meet, to discuss business, and of course, enjoy each others camaraderie.

At the Bavarian Bierhaus we have one Stammtisch for Tuesday evenings for the Stein Club.  But if you ask, we will designate one for your group too.  So come by and start your own club table at the Bavarian Bierhaus.

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